Welcome to Imerei.com.
Welcome to 2021!

If you are reading this, let me congratulate you on surviving one of the most-difficult years in modern history. It's been hard for us all in one way or another -- be it illness, monetary, loss, or another trial -- but thank God we've made it this far. And good riddance to 2020; it was awful!

I wanted to update over the course of 2020, but that didn't happen between my health and other issues. Hopefully, 2021 will permit some chances -- and changes -- that were unavailable during 2020. Advanced warning: some things may disappear and reappear randomly over the next few months. I'm experimenting with code and appearances, so I hope to settle on a final format for the newly redone site soon.

Please note: certain programs like NoScript -- which block the use of script on webpages -- will halt the automatic scroll of my website. You can choose to activate the script for this website in the addon's settings, or scroll manually, but the webpage is running fine. Hopefully, this will help some people that have been having issues with the navigation. (Updated January 1, 2021.)

Welcome to the Portfolio section. Please be apprised that this section will be undergoing some extensive editing; it is possible that some of the older images that viewers liked were moved/removed, but it is the nature of art to evolve and change. Don't worry, though; the old art may reappear in new formats some time in the future.
Just in case some people were wondering, the Fanart section is of characters that are in franchises I have personal experience with. When my repertoire of video games, movies, and some-such further expands, I'll try to add more to the section. Also in case people are wondering, I will not be removing any watermarks on my artwork.

For all images which do not belong to established franchises or have not been identified as belonging to other parties, they are the property of Reche G. Johnson (© 2007-2019). Feel free to share the webpage where the images are located, but please do not reproduce, redistribute, or claim them as your own. Thank you. (Updated November 24, 2019.)

Digital Artwork
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Conceptual Artwork
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Random Gaming Achievements
Random Images: 1 of 1

Portfolio Portfolio and random glimpses at projects I'm working on.
Extras Some swag for your computer.

After some additional tweaking to the coding, the download links of the wallpapers are finally functional. Please note: The links will attempt to open the wallpaper in a new window. If you wish to avoid a new window, please right-click (left-click for Mac users) and select "Save Link" or "Save Link As...". Thank you for your interest. (Updated January 1, 2016.)

(Note: WS stands for widescreen)

Shop Opening mid-June...

The Shop is closed for now...

An announcement has also been made on the Home page and on deviantArt. All commission prices provided are in U.S. dollars (USD) and payments will only be accepted via PayPal.

Thank you for checking. (Updated March 29, 2020.)

Commission Rules

  • I reserve the right to refuse any commissions.

  • I will not agree to subject material I find questionable, this includes (but is not limited to): yaoi, excessive gore, hardcore, etc.

  • The images are meant for personal usage ONLY. You are not allowed to redistribute or use the art for commercial purposes.

  • If you want me to produce art for commercial purposes, I will adhere to the rules of the Professional Artists' Handbook.

  • Pricing is based on average hours worked and details requested; the more work required, the more expensive it will be.

  • Work will not start until at least half of the payment is received. Once the commission is started, I will institute a "kill fee" which is 40% of the final price. This will be nonrefundable, so please be certain that you want to commission me.

  • Quality work is never done in a rush, I don't care how good anyone is. I personally take an "until it's properly completed" mindset to my work, which may take quite a bit of time. If you have a specific date in mind for completion, please be sure to mention that first and I will let you know if I am able to meet your deadline.

  • Descriptions and visual references are greatly appreciated.

  • Please don't ask for "free art", or art just for exposure and "shout outs". My Extras section has all the free art I'm willing to part with.

Items and Prices

Organoid example #1 Organoid example #2

  • Digitally-drawn only
  • Sizes begin at 1000 x 1000 pixels (about 1 million pixels square), but can go up to 2500 x 2500 pixels. The larger the image, the more it will cost.
  • No backgrounds are added to these images by default. The addition of a background or complex detailing will cause the price to increase.
  • Price Range: $50+ (at least 7 hours of work; more complex designs will require more work and time to render)

Personal BlizzCon 2017 badge: 1 of 1

  • Digitally-drawn busts; PSD files can be made available for extra
  • The size of the badges will be determined by name length and character design, but will start at 4" wide x 5" tall
  • All badges will be laminated
  • Please be specific with the character's design and expression, providing references and names of armor sets, if possible. Complex detailing may cause the price to increase.
  • Price Range: $60+ (at least 9 hours of work and materials; more complex designs will require more work and time to render)

Links Some places on the Interweb you might like.

Here are a list of sites on the Interweb I felt were good finds. If a site you like isn't on this list, don't fret. Chances are high I haven't come across it yet. (Updated November 24, 2019.)

Link List

Audacity: Audacity is a freeware program meant for my fellow audiophiles. It functions on Windows and Linux, with Ubuntu also having an Audacity download that people can check out. Great for sound file conversion and remixing, it's also useful for voice recording if you're practicing vocal work.

Behance: Behance is a newer artistic community than the following link (deviantArt), but it's not a novice site by any means. Quite advanced despite its age, this is a new stop for people seeking inspiration, creative commentary on their portfolios, and that little something extra that seemed to be missing before.

DeviantART: Still one of the largest artistic communities on the web, deviantArt has undergone quite a few changes over the years, though not all are positive. This is still a good place to ask for critiques on media and stories, but be absolutely sure to put the copyright on your work if you post anything here. The art thieves out there are still rampant...but so are other knuckleheads that will try to ruin your day.

EverAfter: Though no longer updated, this pet project of Endling from DeviantART, can best be described as what would happen should the fairy tales we grew up with ever decide to crossbreed with the movies Donnie Darko and Silence of the Lambs. While it is officially inactive, this is still an amazing example of a solo project and one I treat with great reverence. Well-drawn, slightly psychotic, but still capable of making you think...you'll never look at fairy tales the same way after visiting. Haaaaa....

Freeplaymusic.com: Freeplaymusic is a collection of music written and composed by aspiring and professional artists on the Interweb. It's changed over the years so an account is now required, but the website has evolved into something amazing. Music is free for the most part, but many songs can be download and reused for 99 years for as little as 99 cents (major projects require more money). Please be sure to look at the Terms of Use page for the full details and give the artist their due. For the record, a good number of people that make youTube "movies" get some of their no-name material here. A wonderful gem on the web.

The GIMP: When I first started pursuit of an art career, the GIMP was the foremost alternative to major-brand art programs. Still free and constantly evolving thanks to a welcoming community, its prowess supports graphics tablets and other effects formerly only seen in Photoshop and Painter. If you can't afford brand-name graphic software, then give the GIMP a go.

Ill Will Press: Where can you find a potty-mouthed squirrel named 'Foamy' with 'Squirrelly Wrath' and questionable intentions? Here, that's where! I came to appreciate some of the questionable, but thought-inspiring, rants of the Flash-animated squirrel over the years. Fair warning: This is a mature site and if you can't take racy humor or profanity, then this isn't the link for you. New animations are out quite regularly...I'm still trying to figure out how he does it.

Lackadaisy Cats: Set in the Roaring 20s of St. Louis, MO. This web comic is what happens when you let kitties act out the days of Elliot Ness and Prohibition. While historically based, this webcomic is completely fictional but still well-drawn with a sharp sense of wit and humor. Started in late-September 2006, you'll sit with baited breath between each update...I do.

Lightbox 2: Still a program getting a lot of attention for its slideshows, Lightbox 2 has evolved several times since its inception. I recommend slight coding experience and a little patience to maximize customization, but it isn't mandatory. The good news is there is a forum on the website for questions and the like. Make sure you search the forums before posting any questions though, it will help you a lot.

Notepad++: When I took my first steps into the world of coding, I stumbled upon Notepad++...that was almost a decade ago. Now as I start reevaluating my abilities and look at art/coding as a combo to assist webcomic design, I stumbled upon the program again. It looks fantastic and has regular updates; has a massive following of other coders, who have graciously placed their code samples for perusal; and additional resources for us to use. Thank you so much for making this old girl very, very happy. Updates are relatively frequent, including the addition of spell checking capabilities. Thank you.

Paletton: Paletton is a newcomer to the Links section after I stumbled upon the site while looking for coding ideas. It's a color scheme designer, but it has quite a bit of flexibility for a free color picker. You can pick what schema you prefer and then whether or not to add complementary colors; you can use the vision simulation to tell if certain viewers will have issues seeing your website; and you can even choose to share the palette or export it in a variety of formats from html to regular text.

: Strays is another webcomic project from a duo of artists on deviantArt (Celesse and Algy). The webcomic follows Meela, a plucky young Lupian with a tragic past and an uncertain future, as she latches on to a bounty hunter of her own kind. This comic has reached the end of its story arc, complete with Epilogue, and its creators have moved on to other projects. I can't wait to see what they work on next, but I still love to come back and visit.

TED: Ideas Worth Spreading: TED is a website that features a plethora of different ideas in a video format. Admittedly, some of the ideas may not float your boat, but the best thing about this website is that it entertains many viewpoints and many subjects from technology to science and the overlaps of all. I don't think I've encountered a video longer than 20 minutes, but every video I've watched has made me think about life a little more and how to adapt the way I live it. I hope some of these videos will positively inspire others as well.

Ubuntu: Derived from the African word meaning 'Humanity to others', Ubuntu is actually an excellent operating system that also has the distinction of being free -- even upgrades and add-ons are free. It's upgraded every six months or so, supported for two to three years, and has an active on-line community for people with questions or those that want to beta-test newer versions. Mark my words, as soon as Windows lets me down I'm headed back for Ubuntu.

WebAIM: The whole name of the site is "Web Accessibility in Mind", which is why it's such a delightful find. This link specifically goes to a color contrast checker site, which I admit I desperately needed to take a look at for displaying certain links. For those not in the know, this site allows people to check and see if their site supports certain visual requirements needed to accommodate some of our fellow citizens of the web. Great for making sure that all people can see and interact with the content, which is why my text is 12pt by default. I will be sure to check back often.

Webtoons: Webtoons is a self-explanatory site. It also offers a number of comics for people looking for a genre to associate with. I know it's translated into english and Korean, but other languages are available thanks to fans. I also enjoy the new format of the comics; they tend to be more-forgiving of webpage length and intuitive because you scroll. Nice website.

About Details about the website owner and some other general FAQs.
Info and FAQs

Some random information about myself and my methods. I ask that you keep any contact professional and please do not ask for commissions when the shop is down. I will ignore anyone who attempts to solicit me, or whom I feel uncomfortable communicating with. (Updated March 29, 2020.)

Personal Info

Name: R. G. Johnson

Aliases: Imerei, Miss Johnson, Miss J

Degrees: Computer Engineering (B.S.C.E.)/Computer Science (B.S.C.S) dual major from Florida Atlantic University (2006)

Current Profession: Artist, part-time website programmer, math/science teacher, eSports coach

Hobbies and Interests: Designing and drawing characters; writing/working on webcomics; PC customization (yes, I build and upgrade my own computer); gaming -- I play World of Warcraft (mostly), League of Legends, Overwatch, Smite, and Guild Wars 2 (on rare occasion); coding and researching code

Contact: You may send me a note [here].


When did you start drawing?
I've drawn for as long as I can remember, but I really started concentrating on building the skill set when I entered the seventh grade. Art saved my life by getting me transferred from shop class where I was being bullied. (Power tools + latent hostility = life-threatening situation)

What are your favorite things to draw?
I actually prefer drawing original characters (OCs) from storylines I've produced over the years, but if I draw a remake of a character from an established series I must really like that character (eg. Chromia and Black-Arachnia from the Transformers verses). Additionally, I have a thing for drawings that are somewhat technical, like machines and mechs and cyborgs (which I attribute to my engineering background).

Do you take commissions?
Commissions will be available on a digital-only basis once we're I've updated the Shop section. Commission rules have been slightly updated in the Shop section so people can plan ahead and decide if they want to commission me in the future. I will make announcements on the front page of the website and over on my deviantArt page when the official commission season is ready to start once more. Additionally, I may have random characters available for auction/prints; I will give announcements both here and on my deviantArt page when these characters occur.

What do you use to make your website?
As a bit of an old-school code writer, I prefer a classic text editor and have since updated to Notepad++ (see Links for details) so I can directly look at code and Photoshop CS2/CS5 (I'm done with CC, seriously) so I can be sure of the fidelity of the graphics. I've also supplemented my coding with LightBox2 (link in the Links section) for additional assistance in slide shows. I'm also starting to practice more with Painter and Clip Studio to try and weed out Photoshop altogether (yes, Adobe has made me just that furious), so please keep this in mind if some works start looking a little...different.

How often will you update your site?
That usually is the proverbial "$64 million question", isn't it? Unfortunately, the best answer I can give to that is: Whenever I have time to sit down and review the content and coding. Teaching is a profession that surpasses the qualifications of "day job" and it provides limited amounts of down time, but I do promise that I will do my best to update as often as possible.

Why don't you have a FaceBook/MySpace/IMVU/other social network account?
I actually do have a Facebook account (currently family/friends only) and a LiveJournal which is low-traffic and used solely for theories I have about video games and movies. I have a Tumblr and Behance, but I'm working on content for those and will add links to them once they're past the embarrassing "blankness" stage. I'm terrible at keeping these things updated, but I honestly don't feel the need to post all the time or have a knee-jerk reaction to every comment/situation. Otherwise, I have a couple of deviantArt accounts, but that's about it. If I gain any other social outlets, I will make an announcement on the front page of my website and deviantART page. I will NEVER e-mail anyone to tell them otherwise.

When are you going to start back on Entropy/your other comics? We miss them.
I have a fair number of inserts written for Entropy: Rebooted, but the issue is finding time to draw and set up the pages. I am also working on scripts and storylines for at least four other comic ideas and one-shot comics related to those ideas. Entropy: Rebooted is only being worked on in the capacity of a pet project to do whenever I have spare time (which hasn't been often, I'm afraid). Other concepts may also reappear based on how much time/energy I have after work. Thank you for asking.