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Info and FAQs
Info and FAQs
Some random information about myself and my methods. I ask that you keep any contact professional and please do not ask for commissions when the shop is down. I will ignore anyone who attempts to solicit me, or whom I feel uncomfortable communicating with. (Updated August 1, 2021.)

Personal Info
Name: R. G. Johnson
Aliases: Imerei, Miss Johnson, Miss J
Current Profession: Math teacher, part-time artist, part-time website programmer
Hobbies and Interests: Designing and drawing characters; writing/working on webcomics; PC customization (yes, I build and upgrade my own computer); gaming -- I play World of Warcraft (mostly), League of Legends, Overwatch, Smite, and Guild Wars 2 (on rare occasion); coding and researching code; just discovered Dungeons & Dragons
Contact: You may send me a note [here].


When did you start drawing?

I've drawn for as long as I can remember, but I really started concentrating on building the skill set when I entered the seventh grade. Art saved my life by getting me transferred from shop class where I was being bullied. (Power tools + latent hostility = life-threatening situation)
What are your favorite things to draw?

I actually prefer drawing original characters (OCs) from storylines I've produced over the years, but if I draw a remake of a character from an established series I must really like that character (eg. Chromia and Black-Arachnia from the Transformers verses). Additionally, I have a thing for drawings that are somewhat technical, like machines and mechs and cyborgs (which I attribute to my engineering background).
Do you take commissions?

Commissions will be available on a digital-only basis once the Shop page has been fully-activated and commission season starts. Commission rules have been slightly updated in the Shop so people can plan ahead and decide if they want to commission me in the future. I will make announcements on the front page of the website and over on my deviantArt page when the official commission season is ready to start once more. Additionally, I may have random characters available for auction/prints; I will give announcements both here and on my deviantArt page when these characters occur.
What do you use to make your website?

As a bit of an old-school code writer, I prefer a classic text editor and use Notepad++ (see Links for details) so I can directly look at code with color aids. Graphics are run through Photoshop CS2/CS5 so I can check the fidelity of the graphics to some extent. I've also supplemented my coding with LightBox2 (link in the Links section) for additional assistance in slide shows. I'm practicing more with Clip Studio until I can weed out Photoshop altogether, so please keep this in mind if some works start looking a little...different.
How often will you update your site?

That usually is the proverbial "$64 million question", isn't it? Unfortunately, the best answer I can give to that is: Whenever I have time to sit down and review the content and coding. Teaching is a profession that surpasses the qualifications of "day job" and it provides limited amounts of down time, but I do promise that I will do my best to update as often as possible.
Why don't you have a FaceBook/MySpace/IMVU/other social network account?

I actually do have social media accounts, but they're currently family/friends only. My Tumblr and Behance are currently barren, but I'm working on content for those and will add links to them once they're past the embarrassing "blankness" stage. I'm terrible at keeping these things updated, but I honestly don't feel the need to post all the time or have a knee-jerk reaction to every comment/situation. If I become comfortable enough to share my social outlets, I will make an announcement on the front page of my website and deviantART page. I will NEVER e-mail anyone to tell them otherwise.
When are you going to start back on Entropy/your other comics? We miss them.

I have a fair number of inserts written for Entropy: Rebooted, but the issue is finding time to draw and set up the pages. I am also working on scripts and storylines for at least four other comic ideas and one-shot comics related to those ideas. Entropy: Rebooted is only being worked on in the capacity of a pet project to do whenever I have spare time (which hasn't been often, I'm afraid). Other concepts may also reappear based on how much time/energy I have after work. Thank you for asking.