Coming Up For Air

Coming Up For Air

(Updated May 18, 2022)

So, two months after the last update, we finally have another update.

We just finished state testing and the end of the school year is fast approaching in my area. As most educators will tell you, it’s a slog making sure you’ve covered your checklist of standards while trying to ensure students have retained and understood as much material as possible. I would also like to inform you that the previous sentence is a gross under-representation of the degree of difficulty this year has posed…for all educators.

Like many before me and probably after me, the year has been enough to make me take a step back and re-evaluate whether I want to continue in education. After 13 years in, I can honestly say that I am actively considering stepping away from the classroom; I will start by taking a break for at least a year, then considering permanent accommodations elsewhere…pending some changes to the system (I won’t hold my breath). I will be spending more time working on the graphic arts to support myself, but I also want to attempt branching into other areas I’m interested in while I still have the strength and endurance to make attempts, potentially fail, and try again without loss of enthusiasm. This is not a decision I’m taking lightly, but this is also not like any other point in time that I can remember.

I’m hoping that both I and the website will be fully-active by the second week in June. The school year takes so much out of you that rest is necessary for the week thereafter. I do intend to update before then, so no…I’m not being lazy. I just have semester exams to administer and grade. Joy.

As mentioned before, due to an NFT catching someone trying to sell my artwork, there are now distinctly noticeable watermarks on every piece of art I will post in all locations. I don’t see this practice changing for the time being and I thank you all for being understanding while I attempt to protect my properties.