Commissions — Rules and Policies

I would like to start by thanking you for considering me as a source of your commission needs. Please be sure to read through ALL of my rules and policies thoroughly before undertaking a commission with me as a commission establishes a contract between the artist (myself) and client (you).

Any commissions you request means that you agree to all of the terms listed below. (Updated November 20, 2023.)

Subject Materials

Accepted Subject Material

  • Humanoids, animals and anthropomorphic creatures
  • Fantasy and science fiction (but with limitations)
  • Organoids, machines, and some robotic-based characters with limitations
  • Please be sure to discuss any material or accessories your characters may have, so I can let you know if I can do them or not


Subject Material I Will Not Accept

  • Sexually explicit or hardcore materials, including but not limited to yaoi, hentai, and yiff content. If partial nudity or a love scene is required, please confirm with me beforehand to see if I will consider doing your commission.
  • Scenes of extreme violence and gore
  • Politically-charged or extremist views. You can confirm with me beforehand to see if I will consider doing your commission.
  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission request brought to me for any reason. If any request makes me feel uneasy, I will say no.


Rules Related to Fees and Methods of Payment

Fees and Payment

  • All prices are in USD ($)
  • Commissions will not be added to the official work queue until I receive at least 50% of the final cost agreed upon; this portion is non-refundable, so please make sure you want to commission me before making a request.
  • I am currently accepting only PayPal, but if any additional methods of payment come in the future I will make official announcements on the front page of my website only. I will NOT accept checks and very rarely accept “shout outs” as payment.
  • If you need a payment plan, please send this request with the initial commission request so we can discuss one-on-one. No work will be done prior to receiving 50% of the final cost; at least 25% of the final cost must be given before payment installments will be accepted.


Cancellations and Refunds

  • If for any reason during the commission process either I or you decide to cancel, a refund may be issued to you.
  • Please remember: 50% of the cost is the “kill fee” for a commission. This amount will be kept regardless of how much of the commission has been completed.
  • If the artwork is more than half finished, then you will receive a maximum of 25% of the final price as a refund.
  • If any artwork is completely finished and you decide that you do not want it, no refund will be issued and I will sell it to the highest bidder. The bids will start at the original final price and you will not be considered for any bid on the work.
  • Should I finish the piece and you have only paid me 50%, I will hold the piece for 30 days or until you get in contact with me to discuss the remaining amount owed. A payment plan may be accepted, but I will not release the art until I am fully paid.


The “Toxicity” Tax

Most people I have worked with are patient and understanding when it comes to producing art, from the amount of time necessary to complete the image to the cost of time and revisions. Unfortunately, there have been exceptions to this rule and so the “toxicity” tax was born. Any “client” who proves themselves unpleasant, threatening, rude, manipulative, and/or continuously makes unreasonable demands regarding their commission will find their commission cancelled and a refund given based on the amount of work completed (see above). You will also be banned from making any future transactions and communications.


Deadlines, Timelines, and Revisions

Deadlines and Timelines

  • If you have a specific date in mind for your commission to be completed, please be sure to mention that first and I will let you know if I can meet your deadline. I will not take commissions with impossible deadlines (such as, overnight for any commission, etc.)
  • Due to my current schedule, the wait time for a commission to start will be anywhere from 48 hours to a week. While I do attempt to start as soon as possible, this time is dedicated to researching whatever references I am provided and making concept sketches beforehand.
  • Good work is rarely done quickly and cheaply; quick work is rarely good and cheap; and cheap work is rarely good. You will get what you pay for. Period.



  • One advantage of digital artwork is that it can be revised, but even revisions take time and effort. Based on the artwork, the base number of revisions is as follows — 2 for busts, 3 for half-/full-body, 5 for Organoids and machines. Additional revisions may be permitted if I am having issues with a particular detail.
  • Progression images covered in watermarks will be emailed to you for discussion and feedback.
  • Once the final work is finalized (you will receive an image covered with watermarks to determine if you are pleased), the remaining portion of the payment is due. I will send you the finished product without watermarks when I receive the net payment. I do not care if other artists had a different policy for payment, this is mine.


Rights and Reuse

I retain all rights to any artwork that I produce, including all electronic rights and usage, all rights to reproduce, sell, show, display, and use artwork as I see fit. This will include, but is not limited to, making prints of your commission for public sale if I believe that the image will sell and displaying progression images to explain my techniques. These rights can be purchased for an additional fee, which can be added to the commission price; this would allow you to reproduce and sell the image, though I would maintain the right to display the piece in a portfolio and let clients know that I created the original image.

If these rights are not purchased, the commission will only be permitted for personal-use only. You may edit it for use in forums and as an icon, but only if my copyright is present on it somewhere. You will not be allowed to redistribute the image, you many not mint or resell the image as an NFT, you may not use the image for business logos or products, and you may not use the image for any AI-related work.

If you wish to discuss licensing and mass production, please see the Licensing section for more details.