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Gallery and Portfolio
Welcome to the Portfolio section. Please be apprised that this section will be undergoing some extensive editing; it is possible that some of the older images that viewers liked were or will be moved (or removed altogether), but it is the nature of art to evolve and change. Don't worry, though; the old art may reappear in new formats some time in the future.

The Fanart section is of characters that are in pre-existing franchises I have personally interacted with at some point -- so I am aware that there are a plethora of subjects that are not featured here. When my repertoire of video games, movies, and some-such further expands, I'll try to add more to the section. Also in case people are wondering, I will not be removing any watermarks on any artwork I feature. The Conceptual section may contain work inspired by existing franchises, but that has not appeared as of the time of the work's creation -- when an equivalent character appears, I will move the work as I deem appropriate.

For all images which do not belong to established franchises or have not been identified as belonging to other parties, they are the property of Reche G. Johnson (© 2007-2021). Feel free to share the webpage where the images are located, but please do not reproduce, redistribute, or claim them as your own. Thank you. (Updated August 1, 2021.)

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